We are proud to announce our partnership in physical training and coaching with:

Football Club: FC Hostert. Season '16-'17:
Physical testing and advising. Creating Endurance and interval cardio programs and functional exercises.
As wel for each individual player as for the team in general. Sportspecific training sessions on the football field.

Basketball Club: Musel Pikes. Season '16-'17:
Physical training and coaching support. Presentation and lectures for healthy,  effective training and recovery.
Reeducation possibilities during and after injuries or physical problems.

Corporate Health Coaching.

Do you have a FIT company?
The modern healthy company has a human-centered vision.
Development, health and interaction are the central keys.

Good employees play an important role within each Organisation. Their healthy lifestyle is essential for the business.
It's proven that fit and healthy employees perform better, are less and less long ill. They are the most important 'asset' of your business and their private life-quality.

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